Welcome to our newest AllerVie Health partner, Premier Allergist! Learn more about the partnership here.

Your Partner for Freedom and the future

Learn how we can offer you resources, stability, growth, and flexibility when you join our network.

Your Partner for Freedom and the Future

AllerVie Health is committed to establishing the allergy and immunology gold standard, expanding access to best-in-class care, and bringing relief and renewed vitality to the millions of Americans affected annually, many of whom live in underserved communities today.

We are relentlessly dedicated to clinical excellence, creating an improved patient experience, and supporting the development of advanced allergy and immunology-focused therapeutics and treatment options.

Welcome To Our Newest Partner

Premier Allergist, formerly The Allergy & Asthma Center, Joins AllerVie Health and Expands AllerVie Footprint to 10 States and 64 Locations. 

Why Partner With Us?

Patient & Research Focused

Through our clinical research affiliate, we can offer physicians the ability to participate in and help publish innovative clinical research and patients the opportunity to receive new treatment options for chronic allergy and immunological issues.

By and For Allergists & Immunologists

We are focused exclusively on supporting allergy and immunology practices and committed to expanding access to care and groundbreaking research for these critical services.

Administration & Management Services

We provide comprehensive administrative and operational support designed to relieve you of the hassles and responsibilities of day-to-day business operations.

Retain Autonomy Within a Collegial Network

Our network of allergists and immunologists is comprised of a myriad of different styles, methods, and personalities all united by our common vision.

Innovative Technology & Infrastructure

We utilize cutting-edge technologies and best practices to optimize and modernize your practice’s infrastructure, streamline operational processes, grow revenue, track clinical outcomes, and improve patient retention.

Protect Your Legacy

Our marketing and business development strategies will support the brand your patients have come to know and trust, while allowing you to leverage the best practices and tools of our national platform to accelerate growth.

What our partners say

The mission of AllerVie Health is to provide the absolute best allergy and immunology care to our patients, and we ensure that the patient and physician relationship comes first. At AllerVie, we cherish the patient-physician relationship and are striving to breakdown any barriers that hinder this relationship.
Weily Soong, MD
Allervie health, formerly alabama Allergy & Asthma Center | Clinical Research Center of Alabama
I am excited to join AllerVie Health! The health care providers with AllerVie offer top-notch, evidence-based care for their patients. This will be a great change and a step forward for Intermountain Allergy & Asthma as well as myself.
Duane J Harris, MD
We are thrilled to be able to expand our phenomenal patient base and the care we provide to our patients by partnering with AllerVie Health. We look forward to utilizing their resources to improve care for our current patients and to amplify our reach to new patients in our current and new markets.
Prasad M. Nataraj, MD
Premier Allergist
Joining AllerVie Health has allowed me to fulfill my aspiration to practice at a full-service allergy clinic where I can offer comprehensive, cutting edge treatment for a wider array of immunologic and allergic diseases and advance patient care by participating in clinical research. With AllerVie as a partner, I truly feel I have my dream career.
John Anderson, MD

Our Process

Initial Introduction

Understand your team, practice and goals while providing clarity, communicating why AllerVie is the partner of choice, and sharing process overview

Information Collection

Obtain initial data request, non-disclosure agreement and on-site management visit to frame potential offer and ensure cultures and values align for a promising partnership

Offer Letter & Diligence

~60-90 days getting spun up your operations, ensure both teams are prepared for integration, and build strong professional relationships for effective post-close partnership

Closing & Integration

Align our cultures and teams as part of the AllerVie Health Network, incorporating administrative, infrastructure, marketing, and IT support

Career Opportunities

We strive to be the employer of choice for talented, driven, and patient-oriented allergists and immunologists and a shining example of operational excellence, innovative technological advancement, and groundbreaking clinical research.

Our Trusted Partners

who share in our mission to establish the premier standard of care and expand access nationwide

The time is now for partnership

Healthcare is not getting any easier to navigate, and partnership with us lets you focus on delivering exceptional patient care while relieving yourself of a host of other responsibilities and obligations.